Our training regimen begins with a complete evaluation of your horse. We like to schedule time to visit you and your horse at your property to determine what you are looking to accomplish, what he or she needs and devise a plan to get there. This evaluation is a no cost within 50 miles of our facility.

After we determine what our goals and expectation are, we work with your horse one on one till we get there. Sometimes we have to back up a bit, but we do what needed to meet your expectations.

We encourage our clients to come visit their horses while we are working with them and in most cases to participate in sessions toward the end of their time with us to make sure we have accomplished what you are looking for.

Toward the end of our time with your horse we perform an assessment with you to determine if your horse is ready or if they need more time

Specific Discipline - $500 per month (includes hay and standard feed schedule)

Tune Up – $400 per month (includes hay and standard feed schedule)